NBA 2K24 Update 1.04 Released

The NBA 2K24 update 1.04 has dropped. Here are the NBA 2K24 patch notes for September 23rd.

  • Progression increased for most badges in all modes (most notably PvP)
  • “Regression” decreased for most badges in all modes (most notably PvP)
  • Immunity Perk made stronger
  • Drill Savant Perk made stronger
  • Higher win modifier in almost all cases.
  • Difficulty modifier adjustments
  • Faster progression in Drills

NBA 2K24 v1.2 Patch Notes:

Developer Note: We are working quickly to resolve the most user-impacting issues being reported. Feedback from the community has been quick and clear; we thank you. The patch we will release prior to the launch of Season 2 will contain a much broader set of fixes and improvements spanning the entire game.


• Fixed an issue that was causing physics to break when using controllable rim hangs in certain situations


• Numerous fixes to game stability in the City have been made
• Resolved a user-reported stutter when playing games on the RISE affiliation courts
• You can now properly join a friend in the Gatorade Rental Courts when using the Social Menu


• Adjusted the Minimizer quest so it is easier for all player types to complete
• Fixed a rare issue that could cause a hang when loading into a MyCAREER save
• Addressed an issue that could prevent advancement to the second NBA season
• Resolved a hang when heading to the arena floor before NBA games
• Michael Jordan can no longer be passed on the GOAT tier list before winning your 7th championship
• Users can no longer apply the same Floor Setter to more than one badge.


• Resolved user-reported issues with games played after playing Triple Threat Online: Co-Op games
• Lowered the difficulty of Triple Threat Online: Co-Op games against the CPU to Pro
• Added the ability to select a lineup before entering Triple Threat Online: Co-Op


• Resolved a hang that could occur in the Trade Finder menu when exiting and re-entering under certain conditions
• Fixed an issue that could cause the Warriors to get rebranded incorrectly going into future seasons in MyNBA

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Breaking Down The Best New Features for NBA 2K24

It’s almost time to jump back onto the virtual hardwood, as the next edition of the NBA 2K video game series is coming soon. And there are some big changes to this year’s version that should add to the user experience.

NBA 2K24 is set to release Sept. 8, with both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions supporting cross-platform play.

The most notable change to this year’s game is the new ProPLAY technology. According to 2K Sports, the system is “a groundbreaking new technology that directly translates NBA footage into NBA 2K24 gameplay.”

In the past, players’ actions in the game had been created via motion capture. The real-life NBA stars worked with 2K to replicate the actions they used on the court over the course of a season.

Now, 2K can take movement from actual NBA games and incorporate it into the game. Providing players with the most life-like gameplay experience yet.

The following movements will all be upgraded via the ProPLAY technology: jumpshots, dunks, layups, dribble moves, pass animations and signature movements. Even inbound passes and other small details will appear more realistic as well.

In NBA2K23, MyNBA introduced various eras in which users could jump into for the franchise mode. A new era will appear in NBA 2K24: The LeBron Era. It will take users back into the early 2010s, when LeBron James teamed up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh as they eyed bringing multiple championships to the Miami Heat.

For users looking to play something else fresh, there will be a new challenge mode in NBA 2K24: Mamba Moments.

Those who played NBA 2K23 will recall the Jordan Challenge, which allowed users to play and recreate the most memorable moments of Michael Jordan’s legendary career. It provided a great history lesson in the process.

Mamba Moments will be the same type of mode, but it will feature the greatest career achievements of the late Kobe Bryant, who is on the cover of NBA2K24. So this will be a must-play experience for fans of the “Black Mamba.”

All of the core modes and features are returning, and the play should only be better with the new technology being brought to the table.

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NBA 2K24 Top 12 Rated Players

NBA 2K24 Top 10

NBA 2K24 is set to launch on September 8 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC consoles. So far, 2K has not given us much, revealing very few details since announcing that Kobe Bryant is this year’s cover athlete. That’s starting to change, as the first big info dump is coming August 14. The team at 2K did give us a little something, releasing the ratings for the top players in the league.

Last week, we learned a few of the top rookie ratings. This week we learned who the top players in the entire game are. The list gets started with reigning NBA Champion Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets, who is actually rated two points better than any other player in 2K. Here’s the full list of the top 12 players in NBA 2K24:

  • Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokić: 98 OVR
  • Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokunpo: 96 OVR
  • Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James: 96 OVR
  • Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid: 96 OVR
  • Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant: 96 OVR
  • Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry: 96 OVR
  • Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic: 95 OVR
  • Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum: 95 OVR
  • Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler: 95 OVR
  • Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard: 94 OVR
  • Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker: 94 OVR
  • Portland Trailblazers guard Damian Lillard: 94 OVR

NBA 2K24 launches on September 8 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. As mentioned, we’ll get our first look at gameplay on August 14, and 2K will follow that up with a deep dive into The W, MyNBA, and Mamba Moments on August 21. Then, we’ll get a look at MyCareer, The City, and MyTeam on August 28 before 2K reveals the contents of Season 1 on September 4.

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NBA 2K24 Schedule Teases Several New Reveals

NBA 2K24 Teasers

2K Sports officially announced NBA 2K24 earlier this month but didn’t reveal much outside of the cover athlete and pre-order bonuses. As of now, the only thing we really know about the game is that it will support crossplay on next-gen consoles and is using the Jordan Moments concept to make a Kobe Bryant-centric mode. Beyond that, we’ve only gotten hints at gameplay improvement with ProPlay and other small teases. Fortunately for NBA 2K24 fans, that’s going to change soon as 2K Sports announced its reveal roadmap for August and September which will take us up to the game’s release on September 8.

The current roadmap for NBA 2K24 reveals kicks off on August 14. That’s when 2K will give the first real look at gameplay, including the new ProPlay technology. We don’t know much about what this is at this point, but 2K did call it “a groundbreaking new technology that directly translates NBA footage into gameplay and delivers animations and movements via on-court NBA action for a generational leap in authenticity on PS5 and Xbox [Series] X/S.” That sounds…pretty great.

The next week, on August 21, we’ll learn more about the game modes. 2K Sports will be talking about The W (the WNBA mode), MyNBA, and Mamba Moments. MyNBA is similar to Franchise mode in other sports, but last year 2K introduced a feature that would let you jump a save back to specific Eras to redo older seasons in the NBA. On August 28, we’ll get a look at MyCareer, The City, and MyTeam, the competitive modes that generally drive sales of the 2K series. We haven’t gotten any real teases about these modes, so it’ll be cool to get a first look.

Last up, we’ll get the reveal of NBA 2K24‘s Season 1 on September 4. With the game launching later that week, it’ll serve as the kick-off for the final week of hype. It’s likely that 2K will do what it always does and start revealing giveaways for copies of the game, Virtual Currency to use in MyCareer and MyTeam, and even a few real-world pieces of NBA memorabilia.

Upward and Onward!



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Kobe Bryant Names NBA 2K24 Cover Athlete

NBA 2K24 Cover Athlete

Last week we speculated that Kobe Bryant might be the NBA 2K24 cover athlete, this week that prediction came to fruition. Kobe Bryant will grace the cover of NBA 2K24.

Revealed in a tweet from NBA 2K, the Kobe Bryant Edition and Black Mamba Edition will be the two more expensive versions of this year’s game, what add-ons come with it have yet to be announced.

2K has yet to reveal the standard edition cover star which will most likely be a current NBA player.

Bryant’s appearance on the cover of NBA 2K24 was at least partially driven by his number 24 jersey, which he wore for most of his 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. NBA 2K did something similar last year, putting Michael Jordan and his number 23 on the cover of 2K23.

Not much else has been revealed about NBA 2K24 so far, though the tweet notes that preorders are now open.

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When Will NBA 2K24 Reveal The Cover Athlete?

NBA 2K24 Cover Athlete

It’s that time of year when the community is gearing up in anticipation of news of the cover athlete for NBA 2K24. Several candidates deserve a spot, but the developers have remained tight-lipped.

Many fans have been trying to predict when the cover athlete will be revealed, as it marks the official announcement of a new game. Despite the lack of official information until now, few predictions can be made based on the pattern followed by 2K Sports over the last few years.

Since the NBA 2K franchise has an annual release, 2K Sports follows a pretty set routine. A new game typically releases in the first 10 days of September of each year.

Similarly, the first announcement typically occurs a few months before the release. Last year, Devin Booker was the cover icon, and the news was confirmed on July 7, 2022.

If 2K Sports follows the same pattern, we can expect the reveal in the first half of July. 2K Sports will also likely release two editions, one featuring a legend.

Last year’s Legend Edition was dedicated to Michael Jordan, and there’s a good chance for him to retain his spot. Alternatively, 2K Sports could go back to Kobe Bryant again. Hall of Famers like Larry Bird and Wilt Chamberlain would also be good choices.

The harder decision for 2K Sports will be selecting the cover star from the current era. This year might be the best chance for Nikola Jokic to be on the cover of NBA 2K24. After winning the MVP award for two straight years, the Serbian has finally won the coveted NBA ring.

If 2K Sports goes in another direction, Jayson Tatum might be another player with a good shot as he has ascended to one of the best handful of young players in the NBA. Tatum will have to play a pivotal role next season if the Boston Celtics are to push for a spot in the finals.

If 2K Sports wanted to be bold, Victor Wembanyama could be the cover athlete. The No. 1 pick from the NBA 2023 draft is touted to be a generational talent. Picking him as the cover star is a decision that would grab plenty of headlines.

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