Is FIFA 23 Crossplay or Cross-Platform?

FIFA 23 Crossplay

FIFA 23 crossplay allows players from different platforms to face off against each other for the first time in the series history.

You can now play Fifa with your friends, regardless of which console they own. Earlier this year, EA ran a FIFA 22 crossplay functionality test, giving those who owned one of the current generation of consoles a new experience.

FIFA 23 crossplay modes

With the exception of Pro Clubs and any of the co-op specific modes, every other online-enabled mode features cross-platform play in FIFA 23.

Here’s every mode FIFA 23 crossplay supports:

  • FUT Online Friendlies
  • Online Seasons
  • FUT Rivals
  • FUT Champions
  • FUT Online Draft
Can PC players face off against PlayStation 5 players using FIFA 23 crossplay?

Yes, PC players can play against PlayStation 5, Xbox Sereis X/S, and Stadia players. The PC version of FIFA 23 now sports the next-generation engine, which is the same version as the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

Which platforms share a transfer market in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 is split up into two versions of the game, but the transfer markets mostly aren’t segmented. FIFA 23 on PC has its own transfer market, all other consoles share one.

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Does Madden 23 Have Crossplay?

Madden 23 Crossplay

Does Madden NFL 23 have crossplay multiplayer?

Madden NFL 23 did not have cross-platform multiplayer or crossplay in any form at time of release.

The Madden NFL series has never had crossplay and EA Sports has made no mention on this changing with Madden NFL 23 going forward.

Madden NFL 23 crossplay is completely nonexistent in any form. Not only are PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players all segregated from one another, it’s also likely that cross-generation play won’t be included either. This means that PlayStation 4 and 5 players, as well as Xbox One and Series X/S players, will all be prevented from playing with each other.

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Does NBA 2K23 Have Crossplay?

NBA 2K23 Crossplay

NBA 2K23 does have cross-progression features, it however does not offer crossplay options for multiplayer.

It took some time, but crossplay functionality between platforms has started to become to new normal.

Popular titles such as Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone support cross-platform play between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Does NBA 2K23 support crossplay multiplayer across platforms?

As of writing, NBA 2K23 does not come with much in the form of cross-platform play options.

It does not seem as though this will change either, based on NBA 2K23’s official FAQ page.

Is cross-progression available in the latest NBA 2K entry?

NBA 2K23 does support cross-progression for MyTeam and a Shared VC Wallet for the “same console family.” A user playing on PS4 can transfer MyTeam progress to their PS5 console, for instance.

Cross-progression for NBA MyTeam will allow players to share MyTeam Points, Tokens, cards, and progress across both iterations of NBA 2K23 on generations of hardware within a single console family.

A similar rule applies to the Shared VC Wallet, meaning any earned and purchased Virtual Currency will work across console families.

NBA 2K23 is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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The Official FIFA 23 Ratings

Fifa 23 Ratings Reveal

The FIFA 23 Ratings are here!

See who’s at the top, find your favorite players, and find user feedback now using #FIFARatings.


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ESports NBA 2K

NBA 2K23 Classic Quest Trivia Answers

NBA 2K23 Classic Quest Trivia Answers

As NBA 2K23 players progress through the story mode they will run into Herschel and Edgar. At one point gamers must answer a series of trivia questions about all things NBA. These are the NBA 2K23 Classic Quest answers and questions.

Classic Quest Trivia

To unlock the Classic quest, players have to play through the story and  unlock the mission. Once gamers reach a certain point they will meet up with Herchel and Edgar, who will be playing chess. At that point a scene will be unlocked where MP will begin to sit with Edgar and Herschel. Herchel and Edgar will then test your knowledge of the NBA with trivia questions. The answers to the NBA 2K23 Classic Quest Trivia are as follows:

How many championships did Bill Russel win?
Answer #1: 11.

Which team has lost the most NBA Championships?
Answer #2: Lakers.

Which player was taken number one overall in the 1998 NBA Draft?
Answer #3: Michael Olowokandi.

Answering the questions correctly will result in you receiving MVP Points, VC, and you will be one step closer to completing the quest as a whole. To even unlock the opportunity for players to meet Edgar and Herschel, players will need to have domination over the three districts. The Fashion District, the Business District, and the Music District.


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Madden 23 Influencers Start A ‘Pack Strike’

Madden 23 Pack Strike

Streamers have decided to draw a line on EA’s loot box system.

Thousands of Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team players have declared a “Pack Strike” on social media. Madden influencers claim they will no longer be buying currency for the game’s microtransaction mode until changes are made to the odds on drawing desirable items from Ultimate Team’s loot boxes.

#PACKSTRIKE started trending on Tuesday. Streamers say Madden Ultimate Team participants aren’t getting reasonable value out of the game’s expensive bundles.

So far, thousands of Madden NFL Ultimate Team players have pledged to strike, vowing not to buy better players out of the mode’s open market.

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How to Unlock Rebirth in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 Rebirth

Want to know how to unlock Rebirth in NBA 2K23? We’ve got you.

Making its series debut in NBA 2K19, the Rebirth system is back in both the Current and Next Gen versions of NBA 2K23 MyCAREER. For those looking to get a head start on creating the build they want, here’s the breakdown of how to unlock Rebirth save files.

How to Unlock Rebirth in NBA 2K23: Current and Next Gen

To unlock the ability to use Rebirth save files, players on both Current and Next must complete the “Rebirth” quest.

For those on Current Gen, the process is simple. Once you hop into the G.O.A.T. Boat for the first time, players will receive a message from Ronnie2K about hitting 90 overall.

At that point, players will given the Rebirth quest, in which all they need to is hit 90 OVR to unlock the feature.

How to Unlock All Ronnie2K Locations

For those on Next Gen, the process is more difficult, but does come with some additional rewards along the way.

After finishing the NBA Summer League game, players will receive a bunch of intro quests, including the Rebirth quest.

The Rebirth quest on Next Gen still requires players to speak with Ronnie2K, but on four separate occasions.

To get the quest started, refer to the map at the top of the article.

Each time players go through a cutscene with the community manager, they’ll receive the next step in the quest, which is to simply meet the OVR milestones.

  1. Reach 65 OVR: Unlocks Ronnie2K & Sophie T-Shirt
  2. Reach 75 OVR: Unlocks Custom Spawn Locations
  3. Reach 88 OVR: Unlocks the ability to go Shirtless
  4. Reach 90 OVR: Unlocks Rebirth
What is Rebirth in NBA 2K23?

Rebirth saves, which are unlimited, will start players off with all previously earned gameplay-related quest prizes carried over, up to 25 Badge points already earned and the opportunity to upgrade to a 90 OVR.

Although Rebirth builds technically do have a head start in Badges and Attribute upgrade progress, players will still have to spend upwards of 200,000 VC to actually get their builds maxed out.

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FIFA 23 EA Play Early Access Details

Fifa 23 Early Release

EA Sports confirmed that players will still get early access to FIFA 23 by using their EA Play subscription service, but the early access isn’t as early as previous years.

EA Play is a subscription service that costs $4.99 per month for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. As part of this service, subscribers get member-only rewards including XP Boosts, FUT Packs and a free 10-hour trial of newly-released games, including FIFA 23.

There’s also an EA Play Pro subscription service which costs $14.99 a month which provides unlimited access to FIFA 23 and includes additional rewards, such as 4800 FIFA points on sign-up and 1600 FIFA Points per month for three months.

Prior to previous EA Sports FIFA game releases, being an EA Play subscriber granted players a free 10-hour trial and early access to the game when the FUT Web App was released, which allowed access about 10 days before release.

Ahead of the launch of FIFA 23 however, EA Sports has confirmed that EA Play subscribers will now be able to access the game only three days before the game’s official release date, the same amount of early access as those who have pre-ordered the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition.

This means EA Play subscribers will be able to access FIFA 23 on  Tuesday, September 27, 2022, three days before FIFA 23’s official release date of Friday, September 30, 2022.

FIFA 23 will be the final EA Sports FIFA title, following the decision of both companies to release their own football simulation games. EA has confirmed that their new game, EA Sports FC, will be released next year.

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Madden NFL 23 Is Free Today

Madden 23 Free

Madden NFL 23 is free today, allowing you to mix in some Madden football on the first Sunday of NFL football.

For decades, the series has had an annual release a few weeks before the start of the NFL regular season. Madden is currently the only console football simulator, with the College Football delayed until 2023. Madden varies in quality year to year, but it is the only way to get your modern football gaming fill these days.

EA has announced that players will be able to play Madden NFL 23 for free via a trial Sunday September 11th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. This trial will allow players to get their hands on everything the game offers and see how they like it. EA is piggybacking the promotion with another, by selling Madden NFL 23’s All-Madden edition at a 25% discount, making it $74.99 plus tax.

It seems like now’s the best time to jump into the game. The player feedback makes this one of the best Madden entries in years: “There’s nothing revolutionary about Madden NFL 23, but it’s a lot more enjoyable than Madden entries of the last few years.”

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NBA 2K23 Is One Of The Largest Downloads Ever For Xbox Series X

NBA 2K23 Download Size

Managing the storage space on next-gen SSD drives has become a side quest for most of us. NBA 2K23 will be adding to our save space woes with an absolute beast of a download on the Xbox Series X.

As spotted by folks over on Reddit, NBA 2K23 on Xbox Series X comes in at just north of 150GB. That’s uhh, massive.

We’ve seen some big game sizes this generation so far, but it’s not often a game comes in over the 150gb mark.

We haven’t spotted the game’s Xbox Series S install size just yet, but if it’s anywhere near the Series X size, you can expect it to take up almost half of the system’s internal drive space!

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