Madden 23 Franchise Mode New Features Revealed

Madden 23 Fracnhise Mode

Closed beta for Madden 23 has been available for over a week, initially players only had access to Play Now and then Ultimate Team.

After a short wait, Franchise Mode has now been added in the most recent beta update, and we have details on the changes.

New features

So far, there appear to be no major changes like Madden 22 brought with Staff Management and the revamped Scouting system.

There have been some changes however, contracts did get a major upgrade, as Player Motivations have been introduced to help detail why a player may or may not decide to go to a particular team.

In the past, the negotiations were all about money, but now a variety of motivations have been added. The changes include:

  • Super Bowl Chase
  • Big Market
  • Historic Championships
  • Top The Depth Chart
  • Head Coach Historic Record
  • Mentor at Position
  • Highest Offer
  • Close To Home
  • Scheme Fit
  • Team Has Franchise QB
  • No Income Tax
  • Warm Weather State

Each has an Impact meter showing how important that individual item is to the player and how much your own team’s status affect their opinion negatively or positively.

If players have key Motivations you can’t meet, you will have to offer more money to try to get them to sign on.

Plenty stayed the same

That is about it for the good news with Franchise Mode, unfortunately there’s little else that got changed or upgraded.

While gameplay improvements like FieldSENSE will carryover to Franchise Mode games (for next gen players only), most aspects of the mode were left untouched.

The upgraded Scouting system has new menu designs, but as far as function goes we didn’t see any changes.

More then likely one of the biggest disappointments for many fans is that Relocation is completely unchanged in Madden 23, with no create a team option.

Being able to create your own team is a feature available in essentially  every major sports franchise video game, but EA remains unwilling to add one to the Madden entry.

Players who want to use a custom team will once again be forced to spend a year in the relocation process and pick from the exact same locations, team names, logos, and uniforms that were available in Madden 22.

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Madden 23 Player Ratings Reveal

Madden 23 Rating Release Date

With no EA Play Live scheduled this summer, it’s not clear exactly when we can expect our next look into Madden NFL 23, but based on previous years the next big event surrounding the game is probably the Madden 23 player ratings reveal.

Madden 23’s August 19th release date was officially announced last week. Prior to the release date announcement the big revel was that of the 99′ Club. Since the announcement, EA launched its Closed Beta and introduced its new FieldSENSE mechanic, which will only be available on next-gen consoles.

When will EA reveal the player ratings for Madden 23?

Much like the NFL Draft, EA creates buildup for its Madden releases through a string of different events and press releases, drumming up conversation and debate. For both Madden 22 and Madden 21, EA teamed up with ESPN to host a week-long event, complete with special programming dedicated to player ratings.

Madden 22’s Ratings Week took place during the week of July 25 to July 30, while Madden 21’s Ratings Week ran from July 13 through July 17. Both of those titles released in late August. With Madden 23 having a similar release date of August 19, the player ratings will more then likely be revealed mid- to late-July.

We will have the full player ratings when they are released.

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Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta First Impressions

Madden 23 Closed Beta Impressions

The NFL is evolving into a passing league, and it appears Madden will follow suit.

EA Sports releases a new version of Madden every year, rarely changing at its core. Madden 23 Closed Beta so far reminds us of Madden 22, Madden 21, and basically, every game in the franchise over the past 10 years or so. And while it looks and feels very similar, it appears that EA is attempting to iron out some of the major issues that have defined the series experience since the 90s.

The closed beta only offered the standard quick play mode, which means we didn’t get the chance to do a deep dive. But we did get a look at the ways EA is attempting to shaking up Madden at its core.

The first thing that sticks out is that passing has become much more intuitive. Madden quarterbacks have had a limited set of arm motions, dart throws and lobs. In Madden 23, the passing mechanics appear to be completely reworked. The pace on your throws is determined by the amount of time you hold down the button, and you’re given much more control over ball location.

The changes in tackling animations are also something that you notice almost immediately as well. EA has stated that Madden 23’s tackling animations are more realistic and less likely to result in unrealistic situations.

Time will tell, but it looks like big changes are coming.

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Madden 23 Pre-Order Details

Madden 23 Pre-order

Tis’ the Madden 23 reveal season, and information from EA’s latest entry into the Madden franchise is coming out almost daily. We’ve got the Madden 23 pre-order details for you right here.

EA recently posted the pre-order bonuses for the Standard and All Madden editions of Madden 23. As has been the case the past handful of years, the All Madden edition comes with more content, and early access.

Below is the pre-order details for all editions as well as EA Play.

Madden 23 Standard Edition

For $59.99 you can pre-order the standard edition which includes:

  • Choice of 2 Elite Players (1 Offensive & 1 Defensive) in Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team
  • All Madden Gear to use in Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team and The Yard
  • Madden Strategy Item in Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team
Madden 23 All Madden Edition

For $99.99, you can pre-order the Madden 23 All Madden edition. This pre-order gets you the following:

  • 3-Day Early Access starting August 16, 2022
  • 4600 Madden Points
  • Limited-time All-Madden Team Elite Player with pre-order by July 22, 2022
  • Dual Entitlement
  • Exclusive Early Access Challenges in Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team from August 16 through August 18, 2022
  • Choice of 2 Elite Players (1 Offensive & 1 Defensive) in Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team
  • All Madden Gear to use in Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team and The Yard
  • Madden Strategy Item in Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team

If you have access to any of Madden 20-22, you have access to a special pre-order: the Loyalty Edition. You can pre-order Madden 23 at a 10% discount, a little bonus for the games loyal followers.

EA Play and EA Play Pro Benefits

EA Play Members
  • Early Access starting August 16, 2022
  • 10% off your pre-order, Madden Ultimate Team Packs, and more
  • A Launch Welcome Pack in Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team
  • Monthly Ultimate Team Pack and Vanity rewards tied to in-game seasonal programs
EA Play Pro Members
  • Access to the Madden NFL 23 EA Play Pro Edition beginning August 16, 2022
  • 500 Madden Points each month from August 2022 – July 2023**
  • A Launch Welcome Pack in Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team
  • Claim monthly Ultimate Team Pack and Vanity rewards tied to in-game seasonal programs
  • Get 10% off purchases of EA digital content

Madden 23 will officially launch August 19 for all consoles and PC.


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Madden 23 Closed Beta Out Now, Here’s What To Know

Madden 23 BETA

Madden NFL 23 will be released in August, but some fans can start playing the Madden 23 closed beta right now. The test includes a few different game modes, including Play Now and H2H Ranked, with more to come later, Franchise and Ultimate Team modes.

It is a closed beta, so fans will need to get a code from EA to play. Anyone chosen for the beta is forbidden from recording, streaming, or capturing video and images. Those who violate the agreement will be removed from the test and are subject to a “complete” ban on all Madden NFL accounts.

Codes are being sent out periodically, so EA Sports has advised its players to check their email for a code if they don’t get one right away. Players can follow @EAMaddenNFL on Twitter for a chance to get a code. Unfortunately, new sign ups to participate in the beta test are no longer being accepted.

Madden NFL 23 will launch on August 16th on EA play and August 19th for everyone else, with the late John Madden gracing the cover.

What is included in the Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta?

Available Now:

  • Play Now
  • H2H Ranked

Coming Soon:

  • Face of the Franchise: The League
  • The Yard
  • Superstar KO
  • Franchise Mode
  • Squads/Multiplayer for The Yard
  • Squads/Multiplayer for Superstar KO
  • Madden Ultimate Team

Madden NFL 23 Beta Known Issues So Far

  • Mid-Air collisions at the catch point not triggering at a high enough frequency
  • Man Coverage defenders frequently do fakeout animations when covering Curl and Comeback routes
  • HB Slip Screen does not work properly
  • Aggressive catch mechanic breaks in some situations
  • Player ratings relevance to Skill Based Passing is not finalized
  • Skill based passing Reticle snaps back when the user releases the left trigger so the user is unable to place it and leave it
  • Underneath Zone defenders are breaking too early on intermediate and deep routes
  • Some Pass Rush animations are triggering too frequently on All Pro and All Madden
  • Some Catches do not sync up when throwing to Tight Ends on Flat routes
  • Defenders in play ball situations sometimes obstruct the receiver from getting to the ball and do not make a play on the ball
  • Running backs sometimes do not play an avoidance or a Chip block animation when running a route, getting caught at the line of scrimmage

EA Sports is conducting this beta to collect feedback, you can send bug reports and other feedback on the Madden Voice website.

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Madden 23 Cover Star Is John Madden Himself

Madden 23 Cover

The Madden 23 cover will be a recreation from the first iteration of the game, featuring John Madden himself.

As we previously speculated, the cover star of Madden NFL 23 is the late coach and commentator, John Madden. The hall of famer will appear on all three editions of the game.

A fitting tribute to the recently passed legend, the cover art for this year’s digital edition will also pay homage to the original John Madden Football game released in 1988.

While Madden appeared on every cover throughout the ’90s his last appearance was in 2000. In 2001 the franchise switched to spotlighting NFL athletes on the cover.

The digital recreation of the cover was made by sports artist Chuck Styles, while the standard and MVP edition will see Madden depicted separately as a broadcaster and a coach.

EA is also renaming a renovated football field at its headquarters as “John Madden Field” in a ceremony with CEO Andrew Wilson and members of Madden’s family.

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EA Leaks The Six Players In The Madden 23 ’99 Club’

Madden 23 99 Club

There will reportedly be six players to start the season in the Madden 23 99 Club. These six players are Patrick Mahomes, Davante Adams, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, Myles Garrett and TJ Watt.

At the start of last season, there were five members in Madden 22’s 99 Club: Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, Jalen Ramsey, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. By the Super Bowl update, there were six and the club had a different look with Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, Jalen Ramsey, Myles Garrett, Tom Brady and Travis Kelsey making the cut.

Patrick Mahomes had a down year, relative to his high standards, but that didn’t keep EA from including him in the Madden 23 99 Club. The most notable player to drop out of the club is Tom Brady, who at 44 years old put together the best statistical seasons of his career.

We knew from the position leaks that Adams and Kupp would be in the 99 Club, no surprises there, but it will be interesting to see if they can match their production. Adams goes from the Packers to the Raiders and Kupp would have to complete the best two season stretch in wide receiver history to match his output from last year.

On the defensive side we can all agree Aaron Donald deserves his spot, and Myles Garrett did nothing to get hit with a downgrade. The newest addition TJ Watt, arguably should have been a part of the club last year.

Details regarding Madden 23 are piling up recently. Stay tuned for more.


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Madden 23: Everything We Know So Far

Madden 23

An August launch for Madden 23 is almost assured, but what changes will we see this year? EA has promised to focus on AI improvements, and we already know some of the new features in franchise mode. As for the first trailer, rookie ratings, and more: we have some details for you.

When will is the first Madden 23 trailer coming?

EA usually likes to drop its first trailer during EA Play Live, shortly before E3. This year will be different, as both EA Play Live and E3 have been canceled. We can still expect the first Madden 23 trailer in early June, with a bunch of new information coming in the following weeks.

What’s the Madden 23 release date?

There’s no official Madden 23 release date yet. Historically, EA has liked to have the game out before week 1 of the real NFL season. Madden 20 dropped on August 2, 2019, Madden 21 dropped August 28, 2020, while Madden 22 hit the shelves on August 20, 2021.

We know the Madden 23 release date will be a Friday, in August. Beyond that your guess is as good as ours.

As soon as the date is announced, we’ll share it here.

Who’ll be the Madden 23 cover star?

Previous cover men Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are sure to be contenders, as is John Madden himself. The former Raiders coach, commentator, and man for whom the series is named passed away in December at age 85. Placing him on the front of the game would be a fitting tribute.

What will Madden 22 rookie ratings be?

In previous years, EA has tied in rookie ratings with the NFL draft weekend, which runs in late April. This year, we got nothing.

Based on draft classes in previous years, these are our predictions for this years top 10 picks.

  • 1 Travon Walker (DE, Jacksonville Jaguars) – 82
  • 2 Aidan Hutchinson (DE, Detroit Lions) – 81
  • 3 Derek Stingley Jr. (CB, Houston Texans –) 80
  • 4 Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner (CB, New York Jets) – 81
  • 5 Kayvon Thibodeaux (DE, New York Giants) – 79
  • 6 Ikem Ekwonu (OT, Carolina Panthers) – 80
  • 7 Evan Neal (OT, New York Giants) – 78
  • 8 Drake London (Atlanta Falcons) – 78
  • 9 Charles Cross (OT, Seattle Seahawks) – 77
  • 10 Garrett Wilson (WR, New York Jets) – 77
EA says Madden 23 features will focus on AI

The publisher says that going forward, team-mate and opponent intelligence is going to be a major area of focus on the field.

“A.I. is very well set up to be the thing that defines this generation of console,” EA Sports vice president Sean Ramjagsingh told Fortune. “The extra computing power of the new consoles unlocks extra abilities for us from a development perspective and [between] what’s happening with the capturing of real-world data and the way data’s being leveraged now to drive different technologies, there are a lot of opportunities for us moving forward.”

“We took player route data from actual players and used it in [Madden 22],” says Tiburon senior game design director Connor Dougan. “There’s so much cool data that we can use to make the most realistic representations. For example, the Baltimore Ravens use a pistol formation [compared to] the San Francisco 49ers, who get rid of the ball quick and have lots of motion in the pre-play. We use that data to model our play calling.”

What’s being added to Madden 23 franchise mode?

We don’t need an official reveal to answer this one. EA Tiburon provides year-round updates to franchise mode, which carry over from game to game. You can find the most recent updates to Franchise mode here.

We will post all the Madden 23 release info as it comes in.

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List of Strategy Items in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

Strategy Items in Madden 22 Ultimate Team can give your players attribute boosts to speed, throwing power, you name it. There are 3 tiers of strategy items: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Rare strategy items offer the best attribute boosts, while common’s give boosts to fairly basic attributes.

Common strategy items usually include +1 on 3 different attributes. Uncommon strategy items gives you a bonus +1 on a different ability and rare strategy items gives you 2 additional +1’s, typically to more important ratings.

Below is a list of all the strategy items in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Offense Strategy Items in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

Deep Route Specialist (WR)

  • Common: +DRR, +RLS, +CTH
  • Uncommon: (+SPC) or (+AWR)
  • Rare: (+SPC, +JMP) or (+AWR, +SPC) or (+AWR, +SPD) or (+ AWR, +JMP) or (+SPC, +SPD) or (+SPD, +JMP)

Iron Wall (OL)

  • Common: +PBK, +IBL, +PBP
  • Uncommon: (+AWR) or (+IBL)
  • Rare: (+IBL, +PBF) or (+AWR, +IBL) or (+AWR, +STR) or (+AWR, +PBF) or (+STR, +PBF) or (+IBL, +STR)

Let It Rip (QB)

  • Common: +DAC, +PAC, +MAC
  • Uncommon: (+RUN) or (+SAC)
  • Rare: (+SAC, +BSK) or (+SAC, +THP) or (+RUN, +BSK) or (+RUN, +SAC) or (+THP, +BSK) or (+RUN, +THP)

On The Move (HB)

  • Common: +JKM, +SPM, +BCV
  • Uncommon: (+CTH) or (+AWR)
  • Rare: (+AWR, +SPD) or (+CTH, +SPD) or (+AWR, +ACC) or (+AWR, +CTH) or (+CTH, +ACC) or (+SPD, +ACC)

Out My Way (HB)

  • Common: +TRK, +CAR, +SFA
  • Uncommon: (+CTH) or (+AWR)
  • Rare: (+AWR, +CTH) or (+STR, +JMP) or (+CTH, +JMP) or (+CTH, +STR) or (+AWR, +JMP) or (+AWR, +STR)

Over The Top (WR)

  • Common: +SPC, +DRR, +SFA
  • Uncommon: (+AWR) or (+CTH)
  • Rare: (+AWR, +JMP) or (+CTH, +STR) or (+CTH, +JMP) or (+AWR, +STR) or (+JMP, +STR) or (+CTH, +AWR)

Pave The Way (OL)

  • Common: +RBK, +RBP, +RBF
  • Uncommon: (+IBL) or (+AWR)
  • Rare: (+AWR, +STR) or (+AWR, +LBK) or (+STR, +LBK) or (+IBL, +STR) or (+IBL, +AWR) or (+IBL, +LBK)

Play Fake (All Positions)

  • Common: +DAC, +PBK, +DRR
  • Uncommon: (+SPC) or (+IBL)
  • Rare: (+SPC, +CTH) or (+CTH, +PBP) or (+IBL, +PBP) or (+IBL, +CTH) or (+IBL, +SPC) or (+SPC, +PBP)

Reel In (WR/TE)

  • Common: +CTH, +CIT, +SRR
  • Uncommon: (+SPC) or (+RBK)
  • Rare: (+RBK, +PBK) or (+MRR, +PBK) or (+RBK, +MRR) or (+SPC, +PBK) or (+SPC, +MRR) or (+SPC, +RBK)

Short Route Specialist (WR)

  • Common: +SRR, +RLS, +CTH
  • Uncommon: (+AWR) or (+CIT)
  • Rare: (+AWR, +ACC) or (+AWR, +CIT) or (+ACC, +JKM) or (+CIT, +JKM) or (+CIT, +ACC) or (+AWR, +JKM)

West Coast (All Positions)

  • Common: +SAC, +IBL, +SRR
  • Uncommon: (+PBK) or (+CTH)
  • Rare: (+PBK, +PBP) or (+CIT, +PBP) or (+CTH, +PBP) or (+CTH, +CIT) or (+PBK, +CIT) or (+PBK, +CTH)

Zone Run (All Positions)

  • Common: +RBF, +BTK, +LBK
  • Uncommon: (+RUN) or (+PAC)
  • Rare: (+STR, +CAR) or (+RBP, +RBK) or (+RBP, +STR) or (+RBP, +CAR) or (+RBK, +STR) or (+RBK, +CAR)

Elite Passer (QB)

  • Common: +SAC, +MAC, +DAC
  • Uncommon: (+PAC)

Defense Strategy Items in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

Bull Rush (DE/DT/OLB)

  • Common: +PMV, +BSH, +IBL
  • Uncommon: (+AWR) or (+PRC)
  • Rare: (+PRC, +STR) or (+PRC, +TAK) or (+STR, +TAK) or (+AWR, +TAK) or (+PRC, +AWR) or (+AWR, +STR)

Heavy Blitz (All Defenders)

  • Common: +IBL, +POW, +MCV
  • Uncommon: (+PRC) or (+BSH)
  • Rare: (+BSH, +PUR) or (+STR, +PUR) or (+PRC, +PUR) or (+PRC, +STR) or (+BSH, +STR) or (+BSH, +PRC)

Heavy Hitter (SS/MLB)

  • Common: +POW, +TAK, +PRC
  • Uncommon: (+BSH) or (+PUR)
  • Rare: (+PUR, +IBL) or (+AWR, +IBL) or (+BSH, AWR) or (+BSH, +IBL) or (+PUR, +AWR) or (+PUR, +BSH)

Hot Pursuit (SS/MLB)

  • Common: +PUR, +TAK, +AWR
  • Uncommon: (+PRC) or (+BSH)
  • Rare: (+BSH, +PRC) or (+POW, +CTH) or (+PRC, +CTH) or (+PRC, +POW) or (+BSH, +CTH) or (+BSH, +POW)

In The Zone (DB)

  • Common: +ZCV, +PRC, +AWR
  • Uncommon: (+TAK) or (+MCV)
  • Rare: (+MCV, +PUR) or (+TAK, +MCV) or (+TAK, +SPD) or (+PUR, +SPD) or (+MCV, +SPD) or (+TAK, +PUR)

Lurk (MLB)

  • Common: +ZCV, +CTH, +PRC
  • Uncommon: (+TAK) or (+PUR)
  • Rare: (+AWR, +SPD) or (+PUR, +SPD) or (+PUR, +AWR) or (+TAK, +SPD) or (+TAK, +AWR) or (+TAK, +PUR)

Man2Man (All Defenders)

  • Common: +MCV, +CTH, +PRS
  • Uncommon: (+AWR) or (+PRC)
  • Rare: (+TAK, +SPC) or (+PRC, +SPC) or (+PRC, +TAK) or (+AWR, +TAK) or (+AWR, +SPC) or (+PRC, +AWR)

Mind Reader (All Positions)

  • Common: +PRC, + AWR, +PUR
  • Uncommon: (+CTH) or (+TAK)
  • Rare: (+TAK, +MCV) or (+TAK, +ZCV) or (+CTH, +ZCV) or (+CTH, +TAK) or (+ZCV, +MCV) or (+CTH, +MCV)

Outside And In (DE/OLB)

  • Common: +FMV, +BSH, +IBL
  • Uncommon: (+AWR) or (+PRC)
  • Rare: (+PRC, +TAK) or (+AWR, +PRC) or (+PRC, +SPD) or (+AWR, +TAK) or (+AWR, +SPD) or (+SPD, +TAK)

Run Stuff (All Defenders)

  • Common: +PUR, +BSH, +PRC
  • Uncommon: (+ZCV) or (+TAK)
  • Rare: (+TAK, +MCV) or (+TAK, +ZCV) or (+ZCV, +STR) or (+ZCV, +MCV) or (+TAK, +STR) or (+MCV, +STR)

Sure Tackler (All Positions)

  • Common: +TAK, +AWR, +PUR
  • Uncommon: (+PRC) or (+POW)
  • Rare: (+STR, +IBL) or (+POW, +PRC) or (+POW, +STR) or (+POW, +IBL) or (+PRC, +STR) or (+PRC, +IBL)

The Island (CB)

  • Common: +MCV, +PRS, +PRC
  • Uncommon: (+IBL) or (+AWR)
  • Rare: (+IBL, +AWR) or (+STR, +SPD) or (+AWR, +SPD) or (+AWR, +STR) or (+IBL, +SPD) or (+IBL, +STR)

Special Teams Strategy Items

The Leg (K/P)

  • Rare Base Boosts: +KPW, +KAC, +AWR
  • Rare: (+MAC, +RUN) or (+SAC, MAC) or (+SAC, +STR) or (+SAC, +RUN) or (+MAC, +STR) or (+STR, +RUN)

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MUT 22 Golden Ticket List Revealed

MUT 22 Golden Ticket

The first Golden Ticket release of MUT 22 has dropped, and EA has revealed the full community-created Golden Ticket list. The first drop included 2 community Golden Tickets and 4 NFL Player Golden Tickets. The NFL Players have the option to choose themselves or any other player in MUT which creates an interesting dynamic.

Golden Tickets can equip any team chemistry for teams they played at least one snap for during a regular-season or Playoff game since they are not Power Up eligible. Most importantly, Golden Tickets get custom Ability Buckets, allowing them to equip different Abilities at a lower AP cost than would normally be allowed.

For more details on how this year’s Golden Ticket Program worked, Click Here.

Golden Ticket Players



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