Madden 24 Rumors

Madden 24 Rumors

Regardless of the time of year (and the quality of Madden itself), OS folks are always looking ahead. This year, there is a lot of talk about a lack of news and rumors about Madden 24.

When June hits, that’s when the Madden news really begins. But returning to the point about the lack of rumors, there’s not a lot to talk about as of now. Before official news started to hit last year, there were a lot of rumors about franchise mode, crossplay, how EA would honor John Madden, Madden coming to the Nintendo Switch, and Madden maybe replicating some tech that came to FIFA (HyperSense). We did end up getting franchise updates (albeit not as massive as maybe hoped), John Madden was on the cover of the game he pioneered, and FieldSense was a stand in for HyperMotion. It was a pretty standard year for being about 50 percent on the biggest rumors coming to fruition.

This year we haven’t heard anything about the development of Madden 24 beyond EA’s announcement of the closed beta and how those impacted by the cloud franchise issue in Madden 23 are getting an invite to that beta and half off Madden 24 (if they choose to purchase it).

EA is definitely in another transition period. New tech isn’t on the horizon but EA Sports College Football is a year out. It did get delayed a full year but development is in full swing now and how EA as a company is going to get back to handling two football games a year is going to be interesting. If one or both are bad, it’s going to ask a lot from consumers to support both year after year. The college football game will have that grace period where people buy it simply because they’re just excited to have it back in their lives, but that is fleeting.

While the lack of Madden 24 rumors is curious on some level, quality does seem like it’s going to matter more here because time is running out for Madden in some ways, even if those ways are just internal pressures.

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NBA 2K23 Season 7 Rewards, Patch Notes and New Content

NBA 2K23 Season 7

NBA 2K23 Season 7 launched May 19, and we have all the details. Read on for the complete NBA 2K23 Season 7 rewards, patch notes and new content.

The new season will feature new MyCAREER apparel rewards and a LEGO 2K Drive bundle, new Galaxy Opal and Invincible cards in MyTEAM, new storylines and rewards for The W Online, new music for 2K Beats as well as an exclusive single debut from Jay Millian, and more.

To celebrate the upcoming release of LEGO 2K Drive tomorrow, Season 7 will bring a special Level 1 LEGO 2K Drive Bundle reward, consisting of two hoodies, three t-shirts, and a basketball. The Season 7 MyCAREER reward ladder will include additional rewards such as as the Level 30 Affiliation Mascot, Level 37 NASA Race Suit, Level 39 Badge Point, and Level 40 NBA Mascot outfit. To make it easier for players to level up through the ladder, The City will be host to numerous special events during the Conference and NBA finals, with players able to earn 2XP for all games played while wearing NBA apparel during these events.


Season 7 will begin with the Level 1 Galaxy Opal Josh Giddey card as the first reward. Five other Galaxy Opal players will be available as rewards through the Season 7 ladder, as well as a new 99 overall Dark Matter player. The Level 40 reward will be an Invincible Zion Williamson card. Additional Dark Matter players will be available as mode rewards in the Vault, Triple Threat Online Ball Drops, Clutch Time Wheel, Season Ascension, and the Draft. Each NBA franchise’s All-Time players are being added as a new collection during Season 7, and evolved Playoff cards based on real-life performances will be offered throughout the season.

The W Online:

The following Weekly Goal and Season Rewards are being added to The W Online during Season 7:

  • Weekly Goal:
    • Sue Bird Heroine Jersey
    • Storm Heroine Shorts
    • Slam Kicks Tee
    • Team Resilience Boosts
    • Team Extender Boosts
    • Kyrie 4 Low
  • Season Rewards:
    • Kelsey Mitchell Jersey
    • Sheryl Swoopes Tee
    • WNBA Ball Card
    • Lisa Leslie Coach Card
    • Mystics Logo Card
    • 2K Breakthrough Skin

2K Beats:

Curated by Blxst and EVGLE. the Season 7 soundtrack features the following new tracks:

  • Blxst – Passionate ft. Roddy Ricch
  • Blxst – Keep Calling ft. Larry June
  • Jay Millian – Baby 
  • Babyface Ray, Blxst, Nija – Spend It
  • Roddy Ricch – Stop Breathing
  • Jordan Ward & Joony – IDC
  • Benny The Butcher – Trade It All
  • Westside Webb – Progress ft. Polyester the Saint
  • Action Bronson – Zambezi ft. Roc Marciano
  • MASN – Crush
  • Jay Park – MOMMAE ft. Ugly Duck
  • Nav – Lately
  • Larry June – Private Valet

NBA 2K23 Season 7 Patch Notes:



  • • New WNBA uniform sponsor patches for the 2023 season have been added
  • • The following players have had general likeness updates or adjustments made:
    • Paolo Banchero (dynamic hair update)
    • Justin Holiday (dynamic hair update)
    • Trendon Watford (dynamic hair update)
    • Delon Wright (dynamic hair update)


  • • Continued improvements to performance and stability have been made to enhance the overall experience in the City
  • • Resolved an issue in REC and Pro-Am games that could cause an errant screen wipe to occur during gameplay
  • • Addressed an issue where Blackout Bingo cards could have spots with no objectives


  • • Fixed a rare hang that could occur when two player cards from the same pack receive walkout reveals


  • • Continued stability fixes and improvements have been made for MyNBA, MyNBA Online, and The W
  • • Fixed a logic issue preventing playoff progression from occurring when using Start Today in MyNBA.

Season 7 Start: Friday, May 19th, at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM BST

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GTA VI Will Reportedly Be the Most Expensive Video Game Ever Made


According to a report from Dexerto, GTA VI, which is currently being developed by Rockstar, is on track to be the most expensive game ever produced with a budget of “$1-2 billion dollars.”

The most expensive game ever made is currently Cyberpunk 2077 which cost $174 million USD to make. While no official figures were published, Grand Theft Auto V reportedly cost around 137.5 million to develop. With a budget several times that of past titles, rumors suggest that GTA VI is set to dwarf the GTA V map with leaks confirming the return of Vice City as one of the locations.

GTA VI is currently expected to release in late 2024 or early 2025.

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FIFA 23 On PS5 May Break if You Have Too Many Friends

FIFA 23 PS5 May Break if You Have Too Many Friends

There’s never been a better time to cut down on your friends list – and if anyone asks you can just blame EA!

EA Sports released a statement earlier this week confirming that it’s exploring stability issues introduced in it’s recent title update. The recommended solution? “Reduce your PS5 friends list to 100 or less friends and re-launch the game.”

Why the issue is occurring is unclear, but apparently it’s not something the development team at EA Sports accounted for.

Have you had any issues with FIFA 23 since the latest update? Are you a social butterfly with hundreds of PlayStation friends? You can read all the latest on the known bugs in EA Sports’ football franchise on the publisher’s Trello page.

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‘The Last of Us’ and ‘Wii Sports’ join the World Video Game Hall of Fame

Video Game HOF

The Strong National Museum of Play has revealed this year’s inductees into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. There are four games in the class of 2023: The Last of Us, Wii Sports, Barbie Fashion Designer and Computer Space. 

The Last of Us is the most recent one of the bunch. Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic action adventure has rarely been out of the limelight over the last 10 years. A TV series based on the game debuted on HBO in January and it was a huge hit. A remake of the original game hit PS5 in September and PC in March.

Wii Sports arrived in 2006. Partly because it was bundled in with the massively successful Wii and partly because EVERYONE was playing it, the sports sim went on to become one of the biggest-selling games of all time.

The four titles are well-deserving inductees into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. This year’s other finalists were Age of Empires, Angry Birds, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, FIFA International Soccer, Goldeneye 007, NBA 2K, Quake and Wizardry. The Strong, located in Rochester, New York, will showcase the 2023 inductees on a permanent basis in a new World Video Game Hall of Fame space, which will open on June 30th.

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MLB The Show

MLB The Show 23 Review

MLB The Show Review

Being that this was year 3 for The Show on next-generation consoles and Microsoft systems, the expectations was a clear step forward.

While constantly improving on what has been the best sports game running for a while is a big ask, The Show 23 developers put their best foot forward.

The Show 23 doesn’t change much of the tried-and-true gameplay experience, but the impact is meaningfully positive where tweaks happen.

The Little Things

Players can now properly assign a designated hitter, permitting things like one star serving as both pitcher and designated hitter.

This year the disparity between players on opposite ends of the Fielding rating spectrum feels more dramatic than ever. Fielders on the lower end are clearly slower to react off contact.

The green section of the throwing matter remaining static for years let seasoned players auto-pilot even difficult throws. Now that the green section moves, playing defense is more engaging.

The subtle little things keep the game feeling fresh.

It’s hard to poke a hole in the gameplay loop when so many different varieties of control options, settings and styles of difficulty present themselves to players.

Graphics and Presentation

The first next-generation effort didn’t present a big gap between versions, but last year’s was a massive leap.

This year’s game isn’t as big of a leap, but players will notice a bunch of new animations, especially with dives and trying to pluck foul balls that would otherwise land out of play.

Player facial expressions, jersey details such as accumulation of dirt, reflections of lights, shadows and arguably the densest crowds seen in sports gaming strengthen immersion in a way that properly matches the simulation style the series hopes to achieve.

The tandem of John ‘Boog’ Sciambi and Chris Singleton in the commentary booth for the second year isn’t stale yet, thankfully, and it feels like a ton of new lines make the cut.


As always, The Show shines with its presentation and simulation gameplay. The Show 23 is simply one of the best in the series.

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FIFA 23 Team Of The Season; Major Changes And Rewards

Fifa 23 TOTS

FIFA 23’s anticipated Team of the Season promo has begun with the votes for Community TOTS and Premier League.

This time around EA has made drastic changes to how the mechanic works– it took the tokens out of Token Swaps. Instead of collecting tokens to exchange for rewards by completing Squad Building Challenges or Objectives, you now have to level up your Season Progress by doing those things.

Leveling up your Season Progress will give you FIFA 23 TOTS Swaps rewards at each level.

FIFA 23 TOTS Swaps Rewards

Here are all FIFA 23 TOTS Swaps rewards you can achieve:

  1. 10x 1,000 Coins Boost
  2. 1x Draft Token
  3. 1x Gold Pack
  4. 1x Stadium Theme
  5. 1x TOTS Moments Giovanni Reyna or 1x 85+ x5 Players Pack
  6. 1x Badge
  7. 1x Premium Gold Pack
  8. Tifos
  9. 1x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  10. 1x TOTS Moments Dimitri Payet or 1x 85+ x10 Players Pack
  11. 1x 80+ Rare Player Pack
  12. 1x Badge
  13. 2x 81+ Rare Player Pack
  14. Tifos
  15. 1x TOTS Moments Moises Caicedo or 1x 83+ x15 Players Pack
  16. 1x Badge
  17. 1x 83+ Double Player Pack
  18. Tifos
  19. 1x 83+ Double Player Pack
  20. 1x FUT Birthday Icon Marcel Desailly or 1x 84+ x25 Players Pack or 1 of 3 EFIGS TOTS Player Pick
  21. 3x 83+ Player Pack
  22. 1x Badge
  23. 3x 83+ Player Pack
  24. Tifos
  25. 1x Flashback Jesús Navas or 5x 85+ Players Pack
  26. 2x 84+ Players Pack
  27. Animated Tifos
  28. 1x Mega Pack
  29. 1x Rare Mega Pack
  30. 1x FUT Birthday Icon Wayne Rooney or 1x 84+ x30 Players Pack or 1 of 5 90+ Premier League/La Liga/Ligue 1 Player Pick

The changes remove a lot of the freedom you previously had when it comes to picking rewards, but you should at least be able to obtain a lot of the things listed above. Good luck!

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Cheap High Rated Players In Fifa 23 Ultimate Team

Cheap FUT Players

Finding the cheapest rated players on the transfer market is key to completing Squad Building Challenges. Players want to make sure they aren’t paying over the odds on players. Especially when sometimes, players just guess what rating they need to get a requirement over the line.

Veteran FIFA players will know certain items to target, but prices can fluctuate based on supply and demand as well as available content. Prices usually increase when there are popular, repeatable Squad Building Challenges. Team of the Season is around the corner and it’s sure to include numerous SBCs including the Guaranteed TOTS for each league.

Here are the cheapest 88 rated players in FIFA 23 and how to monitor price increases and decreases.

Cheapest 88 Rated Players FIFA 23

The best resource to use is FUTBIN for monitoring player prices. There’s an option to select Cheapest Players by Rating. From there, players can monitor general player prices. It’s best to use this considering most players will generally assume Rare Golds are the best option no matter what. In fact, there are cheap promotional items with high ratings.

As of Apr. 20, here are the top 10 cheapest 88 rated players on the transfer market, per FUTBIN:

  • Michael Owen – Trophy Titans Downgraded Version – 28,500 Coins
  • Amath Ndiaye – Fantasy FUT – 28,500 Coins
  • Ruben Dias – Rare Gold – 28,750 Coins
  • Alessandro Del Piero – Trophy Titans Downgraded Version – 28,750 Coins
  • Keylor Navas – Rare Gold (Nottingham Forest) – 28,750 Coins
  • Marquinhos – Rare Gold – 29,000 Coins
  • Bernardo Silva – Rare Gold – 29,000 Coins
  • Patrick Wimmer – Fantasy FUT – 29,000 Coins
  • Marc Andre ter Stegen – Rare Gold – 29,000 Coins
  • Toni Kroos – Rare Gold – 29,000 Coins

Make sure you double check player prices on the transfer market as these prices will go up when demand increases. Investing when cost is low will help keep costs lower for SBCs when prices go up.

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Madden 23 NFL Draft Program

Madden 23 – NFL Draft Program

Every April, football fans look forward to one event: The NFL Draft. Filled with mystery and with plenty of excitement, the NFL Draft is as big an event for football fans as the games themselves. EA decided to join in on the fun, releasing an all-new NFL Draft Program.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team has been winding down with its player releases, and EA is looking for exciting new content to fill the void. Honoring some of the brightest former and current NFL stars that were drafted throughout the leagues’ history, the NFL Draft Program comes baring an elite selection of player items, with seven of them baring 99 overall ratings.

The NFL Draft Program is a two-part feature, with the first set of players revealed yesterday, April 19, on Good Morning Madden at 10:30AM EST. Despite the reveal taking place on Twitter, the actual in-game release of the NFL Draft Program didn’t transpire until today.

Madden 23 – NFL Draft Program Details

The NFL Draft Program comes with plenty to offer in Madden 23. The biggest and probably the most popular feature of the new program, is that of the returning Mock Draft. For those that might not remember from Madden 22, or might be new to this experience all together, the Mock Draft feature in Madden 23 allows fans to earn NFL Draft Vouchers they can place into sets to fulfill a 14-pick Round 1 NFL Mock Draft.

To complete the Mock Draft, fans will have to play through Mock Draft Challenges with the maximum amount of challenge stars in order to earn these NFL Draft Vouchers. Once secured, fans can then place these vouchers into sets and choose which position they think will be selected for each of the first 14 picks in the NFL Draft this year. Keep in mind though that as soon as you select the position you think will be drafted, it will be locked in for good. So be sure to choose wisely!

Should you guess a certain amount of picks correctly, you will earn Mock Draft prizes. The more picks you accurately predict, the more rewards you will receive. Here’s the full list of Mock Draft rewards:

Mock Draft Pick Rewards

  • 1 Pick – 1,000 MUT Coin
  • 3 Picks – 83+ Overall Elite Player
  • 5 Picks – 91+ Overall NFL Draft Player
  • 7 Picks – 93+ Overall NFL Draft Player
  • 9 Picks – 95+ Overall First Round Draft Player
  • 11 Picks – Choice of 1 of 32 First Round Draft Players
  • 12 Picks – Choice of 4 of 32 First Round Draft Players
  • 13 Picks – All BND NFL Draft Past Heroes & Champions
  • 14 Picks – All BND NFL Draft Past Heroes & Champions plus 8 of 32 1st Round Draft Players
Madden 23 – NFL Draft Past Players

The first of the two-part NFL Draft Program drops consists of what Madden 23 calls ‘NFL Draft Past’ players, meaning all of these items are former or active NFL players that were drafted prior to 2023. This presumably means that the part two release will likely consist of the 2023 NFL Draft class members themselves, particularly seeing that some of the Mock Draft rewards consist of 1st Round Draft players.

Here’s the full set of Part 1 NFL Draft Past players you can now secure in Madden 23 Ultimate Team. You can acquire these new players by completing their sets, purchasing them from store packs, or securing them from the Auction Market. Down below is the list of NFL Draft Program Part 1 players that are live in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Limited Editions (99 Overall)
  1. Deebo Samuel (WR) – 49ers
  2. Tre’Davious White (CB) – Bills
Champions (99 Overall)
  1. Cam Newton (QB) – Panthers
  2. D.K. Metcalf (WR) – Seahawks
  3. Evan Neal (RT) – Giants
  4. Kevin Carter (LE) – Rams
  5. Brian Urlacher (MLB) – Bears
  6. Chad Greenway (ROLB) – Vikings
Heroes (97 Overall)
  1. Ryan Tannehill (QB) – Dolphins
  2. Brian Robinson Jr. (HB) – Commanders
  3. Breshad Perriman (WR) – Ravens
  4. O.J. Howard (TE) – Buccaneers
  5. Kenyon Green (LG) – Texans
  6. Grady Jarrett (RE) – Falcons
  7. Boye Mafe (ROLB) – Seahawks
  8. Jeff Okudah (CB) – Lions
High Elites (95 Overall)
  1. Davante Parker (WR) – Dolphins
  2. Quinn Meinerz (RG) – Broncos
  3. Logan Stenberg (LG) – Lions
  4. Steven Nelson (CB) – Chiefs
  5. Jaylon Johnson (CB) – Bears
  6. Michael Thomas (SS) – Dolphins
Mid Elites (93 Overall)
  1. Robert Tonyan (TE) – Packers
  2. Jack Sanborn (MLB) – Bears
  3. Cole Holcomb (MLB) – Commanders
  4. Jermaine Elumenor (RT) – Ravens
  5. La’el Collins (RT) – Cowboys
Low Elites (91 Overall)
  1. Mark Ingram II (HB) – Saints
  2. John Ross III (WR) – Bengals
  3. Phil Haynes (LG) – Seahawks
  4. Michael Brockers (DT) – Rams
  5. Tyson Alualu (DT) – Jaguars

Remember, this is only the NFL Draft Past players. So be sure to check back next week when the Part 2 set of NFL Draft Program players are released in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

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MLB The Show

How To Get All The Eggs In MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23 Egg Hunt

MLB The Show has an egg hunt you will want to be a part of. Why? Well, there are quite a few rewards on the table.

How to get all eggs in MLB The Show 23

Egg 1 Hint: There are nine hidden eggs at this very moment.

Solution: Navigate to the Moments menu and do The Great Egg Hunt moments.

Egg 2 Hint: What do you call an egg that travels around the world? An egg-splorer!

Solution: Win a game against four different teams from different continents. We recommend using Mini Seasons for this.

Egg 3 Hint: This is your chance to become the Conqueror of Eggs!

Solution: Play a Conquest game in Diamond Dynasty.

Egg 4 Hint: The Golden Egg is flawless!

Solution: Hit a home run in a Battle Royale game.

Egg 5 Hint: Why did the egg refuse to fight? It didn’t want to crack under pressure!

Solution: Play a ranked game.

Egg 6 Hint: When going for a stroll, avoid walking on eggshells!

Solution: Walk five times in any game mode.

Egg 7 Hint: Is there a way to decorate cards like there is for eggs?

Solution: Earn 1,000 PXP with Egg Hunt Program Cards.

Egg 8 Hint: What came first? The bird or the egg?

Solution: Beat the Blue Jays, Cardinals, or Orioles in a Play vs CPU game on any difficulty. Must be set to nine innings.

Egg 9 Hint: Egg hunts are quite eventful!

Solution: Play an Events game.

The Great Egg Hunt rewards

Here’s a list of all of the rewards you get for getting all eggs in MLB The Show 23.

  • Catfish Hunter (SP) – 95 Overall Diamond
  • Swing Bunny Bunny Swing Profile Icon
  • Alex Bregman (3B) – 96 Overall Diamond
  • 5 The Show 23 Packs
  • Gregory Soto (RP) – 95 Overall Diamond
  • 3 Ballin is a Habit Packs
  • George Springer – 97 Overall Diamond
  • Reggie Jackson – 97 Overall Diamond
  • Golden Egg Profile Icon

There hasn’t been an official deadline stated so far, but we would recommended hopping on the hunt as soon as possible before it vanishes without notice.

Happy hunting!

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