MLB The Show

MLB The Show 23 Review

MLB The Show Review

Being that this was year 3 for The Show on next-generation consoles and Microsoft systems, the expectations was a clear step forward.

While constantly improving on what has been the best sports game running for a while is a big ask, The Show 23 developers put their best foot forward.

The Show 23 doesn’t change much of the tried-and-true gameplay experience, but the impact is meaningfully positive where tweaks happen.

The Little Things

Players can now properly assign a designated hitter, permitting things like one star serving as both pitcher and designated hitter.

This year the disparity between players on opposite ends of the Fielding rating spectrum feels more dramatic than ever. Fielders on the lower end are clearly slower to react off contact.

The green section of the throwing matter remaining static for years let seasoned players auto-pilot even difficult throws. Now that the green section moves, playing defense is more engaging.

The subtle little things keep the game feeling fresh.

It’s hard to poke a hole in the gameplay loop when so many different varieties of control options, settings and styles of difficulty present themselves to players.

Graphics and Presentation

The first next-generation effort didn’t present a big gap between versions, but last year’s was a massive leap.

This year’s game isn’t as big of a leap, but players will notice a bunch of new animations, especially with dives and trying to pluck foul balls that would otherwise land out of play.

Player facial expressions, jersey details such as accumulation of dirt, reflections of lights, shadows and arguably the densest crowds seen in sports gaming strengthen immersion in a way that properly matches the simulation style the series hopes to achieve.

The tandem of John ‘Boog’ Sciambi and Chris Singleton in the commentary booth for the second year isn’t stale yet, thankfully, and it feels like a ton of new lines make the cut.


As always, The Show shines with its presentation and simulation gameplay. The Show 23 is simply one of the best in the series.

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MLB The Show

How To Get All The Eggs In MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23 Egg Hunt

MLB The Show has an egg hunt you will want to be a part of. Why? Well, there are quite a few rewards on the table.

How to get all eggs in MLB The Show 23

Egg 1 Hint: There are nine hidden eggs at this very moment.

Solution: Navigate to the Moments menu and do The Great Egg Hunt moments.

Egg 2 Hint: What do you call an egg that travels around the world? An egg-splorer!

Solution: Win a game against four different teams from different continents. We recommend using Mini Seasons for this.

Egg 3 Hint: This is your chance to become the Conqueror of Eggs!

Solution: Play a Conquest game in Diamond Dynasty.

Egg 4 Hint: The Golden Egg is flawless!

Solution: Hit a home run in a Battle Royale game.

Egg 5 Hint: Why did the egg refuse to fight? It didn’t want to crack under pressure!

Solution: Play a ranked game.

Egg 6 Hint: When going for a stroll, avoid walking on eggshells!

Solution: Walk five times in any game mode.

Egg 7 Hint: Is there a way to decorate cards like there is for eggs?

Solution: Earn 1,000 PXP with Egg Hunt Program Cards.

Egg 8 Hint: What came first? The bird or the egg?

Solution: Beat the Blue Jays, Cardinals, or Orioles in a Play vs CPU game on any difficulty. Must be set to nine innings.

Egg 9 Hint: Egg hunts are quite eventful!

Solution: Play an Events game.

The Great Egg Hunt rewards

Here’s a list of all of the rewards you get for getting all eggs in MLB The Show 23.

  • Catfish Hunter (SP) – 95 Overall Diamond
  • Swing Bunny Bunny Swing Profile Icon
  • Alex Bregman (3B) – 96 Overall Diamond
  • 5 The Show 23 Packs
  • Gregory Soto (RP) – 95 Overall Diamond
  • 3 Ballin is a Habit Packs
  • George Springer – 97 Overall Diamond
  • Reggie Jackson – 97 Overall Diamond
  • Golden Egg Profile Icon

There hasn’t been an official deadline stated so far, but we would recommended hopping on the hunt as soon as possible before it vanishes without notice.

Happy hunting!

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