NBA 2K Glitch Gives Gamers Millions In Free MyTeam Coins

NBA 2K glitch gives gamers free Kobe Bryant, Victor Wembanyama cards

There is a lot of chatter going on relating to an in-game error that netted some players thousands of dollars’ worth of in-game content for free in NBA 2K 24 recently.

Just after midnight on Dec. 26, some players noticed the game’s MyTeam mode was offering a “deal of the day” promotion for a digital card of Paul George. The card’s purchase price, however, was lower than its sell price. Gamers that noticed bought and sold the card multiple times and, as a result, stashed away millions of coins (1 million coins is worth $150) as the error was left untouched overnight.

Those players then went on a shopping spree. Using the coins to buy cards they wanted, including the pricey and rare Kobe Bryant card, which costs around 2 million coins (or about $300), the new Victor Wembanyama card (worth about $75), as well as other top-tier player cards, such as LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The error happened on the day after Christmas, when NBA 2K typically sees a new influx of players.

It wasn’t until late Tuesday morning that 2K fixed the issue and made it so that George’s card sold for less than its buy price. Several gamers posted photos of their accounts wiped of all their coins but not the cards they gobbled up during the exploit.

Representatives for NBA 2K did not respond to multiple requests for comment about players taking advantage of the error, the cost of its cards or if it plans to institute bans for players who purchased cards during this window.

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NBA 2K Helps Save Kobe Bryant Mural

Kobe Bryant Mural

An iconic mural of the late Kobe and Gigi Bryant is saved, after the NBA 2K video game franchise negotiated with the landlord to keep it up.

Located on a building near Arena, the mural was painted by Louie Palsino as a tribute to Bryant and Gianna after they were killed in a helicopter crash in January 2020. It’s become a popular destination for fans, but its existence was in jeopardy after the building’s landlord ordered it to be taken down.

An online petition urging the landlord to preserve the mural garnered more than 90,000 signatures and also received support from Vanessa Bryant.

While appearing on ESPN’s “NBA Today” on Monday, 2K Games head of lifestyle and content marketing Ronnie Singh, better known as Ronnie 2K, announced that the company had reached an agreement with the landlord to save the mural.

“For weeks and months, people have lined up in front of this beautiful mural, taking pictures. For us to be a part of saving this thing is just a celebration of basketball,” Singh said. “This one means a lot to our community. It’s basketball related. It’s Kobe Bryant. Our cover star for NBA 2K24 is Kobe Bryant. It made sense for us to get involved.

“We felt a moral responsibility to jump in and say, ‘We want to make a difference.’ Not words, but actions.”

Singh told reporters at a re-dedication ceremony Thursday that 2K Games made a “philanthropic donation” to the landlord to preserve the mural for one year. He said he hopes the gesture is “inspiring others to take it on,” but that the company will reconsider helping further after the year is over.

Bryant was unveiled as the NBA 2K24 cover athlete in July.


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