The Lasting Legends of Season 6 have arrived in Madden 24.

Let’s dive into the exciting world of Madden NFL 24 Season 6: Lasting Legends. This season, which commenced on April 18, brings a host of new features, rewards, and events for players to enjoy in Ultimate Team™.

1. The NFL Draft: Where Stars Emerge

The NFL Draft is a pivotal moment where college football stars secure their well-deserved spots on NFL teams. In Madden NFL 24 Season 6, this electrifying event arrives in Ultimate Team. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Claim Your Giveaway Player: Log in starting on April 18 to receive the NFL Draft giveaway player, 91 OVR Tyler Lockett.
  • Draft H2H Event: Compete for Draft Night players in the Draft H2H event.
  • Draft Night Sets: As picks are made during the NFL Draft, complete Draft Night Sets to earn rewards.

2. Theme Team All-Stars

Gather your theme team with players who have previously played together. These players receive a boost, and you can earn new player items from every NFL team. The best part? These items can be boosted to an impressive 99 OVR using custom earned currency. Don’t miss out on the H2H event and o

ther opportunities to snag a 99 OVR player for your squad.

3.AANHPI Heritage Program

Celebrate the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) heritage with special player items. Here’s how it works:

  • Giveaway Player: Log in to receive the 92 OVR Sam Howell player.
  • Upgrade AANHPI Heritage Players: Use tokens on the Field Pass to upgrade all AANHPI Heritage player items.
  • Weekly Themed Objectives: Complete themed objectives with AANHPI player items in your lineup to earn the coveted Max Upgrade Token, which can boost one player to a 99 OVR.

4. All-New Programs

Season 6 introduces two fresh Ultimate Team events, brimming with exciting ways to enhance your roster.

5. Field Pass

The Field Pass offers up to 50 levels of earnable rewards. Dive into the challenges, events, and exclusive content to become a Lasting Legend in Madden NFL 24.

Remember, this season runs until June 7, 2024, so make the most of these thrilling additions and build your ultimate team.

Thank you for reading!