Madden NFL 24 Devs Reveal Upcoming Changes Based on Closed Beta Feedback

Madden 24 Beta Updates

Madden NFL 24 developers have taken in the closed beta community feedback and released some of the upcoming improvements in the latest Gridiron Notes.

Note that certain features, including Superstar modes and specific Franchise mode elements discussed, will not be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Here are the notes:

Input latency – sometimes actions are missed or delayed

  • DEV NOTE: This issue was particularly noticeable by players who tend to make rapid pre-snap adjustments. Fixing this has been our top priority, even going as far as reopening the closed beta environment to get additional testing on the fix. Based on player feedback and internal testing, Input latency has been significantly improved. For PC players, this issue was often confused with general lag or hitching. That was a separate issue which we’ve also addressed.


  • Pass Blocking Improvements  – Improved the Offensive Line’s ability to pick up Edge heat vs. pre-snap adjustments such as ‘Pinch’ DLine and user-defender stacking.
  • Man Coverage Win Chance Tuning – Increased Receiver cut-move win-chances to appropriately balance passing game vs. man.
  • Man Press Win Chance Tuning – Increased beat-press chance and Super Win animation chances to better reflect Receiver’s ability to beat the press.
  • Pass Rush Disengage Tuning – Addressed issues where Pass Rushers would disengage off of a block then re-engage instead of being allowed to pursue the QB escaping the pocket.
  • Match Coverage Fixes – Addressed issues where Deep Zone Defenders were letting a deep route go free to pick up shallow out breaking routes.
  • Catch Tackle Knockout Tuning – Decreased trailing defender knockout chances when trailing behind receivers. More receivers will hold on since the ball is not being directly affected when pulling in the catch.
  • HB Screen Coverage Fix  – Changed the Man Coverage behavior on HB Screen plays so defenders are no longer psychic, they will not charge into the offensive backfield to cover the screen back and the Defensive Tackle does not sniff out the play so frequently.
  • Fixed QB Stuck in Idle animation  – Addressed an issue where the QB would get stuck when snapping the ball during certain animations.
  • Fixed Camera Changing (PC Only) – Addressed an issue where bringing up Coach Cam during pre-play would change the camera if a user first controlled the game with Keyboard and Mouse.
  • AI Team Field Goal Attempt Logic – The AI team was attempting too many long field goals so we reduced the frequency so it would only happen in more appropriate last resort situations.
  • AI Clock Management & Field Goal decisions – Offensive Teams will be more decisive with their timeout usage in both halves.

It’s a good start!

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Madden 24 Closed Beta Returns Until July 17th – How To Sign Up

Madden 24 Beta

The Madden 24 Closed Beta has returned and will remain active until July 17th. The release comes with a patch that addresses an issue concerning lag input when playing online. Unfortunately, the only modes available for this beta test are Play Now, Play A Friend, and Mini-Games. Franchise is no longer an option.

Madden 24 is newest installment of EA Sports’ NFL simulation franchise. The game’s cover features Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen, the first Bills player to grace the cover.

The game utilizes SAPIEN Technology to create accurate endoskeletons of NFL players to allow for more tackling animations and realistic player models. FieldSENSE also returns to try and bring a more realistic experience to the game.

To enrich the experience, Mini-Games are returning, as well as improvements to Franchise mode.

How To Sign Up For The Madden 24 Beta

If you previously had access to the beta, then there’s nothing you need to do. Just simply start the app and you can play. Additionally, players can leave their feedback on the official Madden 24 Closed Beta Forums.

For those of you who didn’t take part in the beta’s first run, here’s how to sign up:

  1. Go to EA’s website
  2. Login/Create An Account
  3. Visit Account Settings
  4. Go To E-mail preferences
  5. Under “Manage Your E-mail Preferences” Tick the box that says “Yes, e-mail me about EA’s products, news, events, promotions, consistent with with the EA Privacy and Cookie Policy”

This doesn’t confirm you’ll receive the Madden 24 beta code, but you’ll have a chance. Just keep checking your mailbox and spam folders daily to see if they send you a code.

Once the code is received redeem it on the platform and start playing!


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Madden 24 Beta Early Impressions

Madden 24 Beta

On June 8 EA Sports revealed the first trailer for Madden 24 along with this year’s cover athlete, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on a beta code and have been checking this years installment out.

There’s still a lot EA has promised to add to the beta, but here are our early impressions on franchise mode and the return of mini-games.

Franchise Mode

One of the most critical game modes for any sports video game is its franchise mode. If you’ve been following Madden for the last few years, you know that Franchise Mode has arguably been one of the titles biggest disappointments for the series.

One of the most frustrating things, but not a deal breaker, is the lack of customization options for coaches and players. For decades, there have been the same generic faces for coaches and created players. Madden 24 doesn’t seem much different. With how powerful systems are nowadays, there’s no reason why Madden can’t implement face scans for one of its most popular game modes. A minor change like this would make being a coach or GM even more rewarding.

The layout of Connected Franchise is similar to last season. It essentially looks copy and paste.

More options are now available if you’re into trading and improving your team. There are now six trade slots instead of three, and teams can trade draft picks up to three years down the road. It also appears that the trade logic has improved, computer teams seem much more eager to send trade offers. For example, I started my franchise as the Miami Dolphins and had trade offers from three teams for veteran defensive end Malik Reed. Each trade is similar but adds some depth to the experience.

Weekly strategies are back and that also looks to be essentially copy and paste.

EA has added a ton of new locations and team names for gamers to choose from. Each place has a unique market size and personality that could sway owners on where to relocate to. A ranking system also shows your fan interest in that area. In addition to the laundry list of new locations, EA has added several new team names to this year’s game.

Other changes to franchise mode include contract restructures and a feature that fans have been asking for over the last few years, the ability for all players, not just quarterbacks, to have up to four X-Factor abilities. The NFL Draft still feels underwhelming, but EA promises that draft classes will be more dynamic, with many superstar players drafted out of college. Some may even debut with key stats maxed out. Besides more superstar-quality talent, EA has promised that some players may need to switch positions to maximize their potential. For example, taking a quarterback and moving them to wide receiver could unlock an entirely different set of skills.

Mini Games Are Back!

Mini-games like rushing and passing attacks were part of the reason a lot of us loved the series in the first place.

The good news for those of us who feel that way is that EA not only brought back a bunch of the classics, but have added a bunch of new options that are sure to make some people very happy. This year, there are 14 mini-games ranging from the classic rushing attack to WR/DB battles and everything in between.

More to come!





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