Madden NFL 24 Devs Reveal Upcoming Changes Based on Closed Beta Feedback

Madden 24 Beta Updates

Madden NFL 24 developers have taken in the closed beta community feedback and released some of the upcoming improvements in the latest Gridiron Notes.

Note that certain features, including Superstar modes and specific Franchise mode elements discussed, will not be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Here are the notes:

Input latency – sometimes actions are missed or delayed

  • DEV NOTE: This issue was particularly noticeable by players who tend to make rapid pre-snap adjustments. Fixing this has been our top priority, even going as far as reopening the closed beta environment to get additional testing on the fix. Based on player feedback and internal testing, Input latency has been significantly improved. For PC players, this issue was often confused with general lag or hitching. That was a separate issue which we’ve also addressed.


  • Pass Blocking Improvements  – Improved the Offensive Line’s ability to pick up Edge heat vs. pre-snap adjustments such as ‘Pinch’ DLine and user-defender stacking.
  • Man Coverage Win Chance Tuning – Increased Receiver cut-move win-chances to appropriately balance passing game vs. man.
  • Man Press Win Chance Tuning – Increased beat-press chance and Super Win animation chances to better reflect Receiver’s ability to beat the press.
  • Pass Rush Disengage Tuning – Addressed issues where Pass Rushers would disengage off of a block then re-engage instead of being allowed to pursue the QB escaping the pocket.
  • Match Coverage Fixes – Addressed issues where Deep Zone Defenders were letting a deep route go free to pick up shallow out breaking routes.
  • Catch Tackle Knockout Tuning – Decreased trailing defender knockout chances when trailing behind receivers. More receivers will hold on since the ball is not being directly affected when pulling in the catch.
  • HB Screen Coverage Fix  – Changed the Man Coverage behavior on HB Screen plays so defenders are no longer psychic, they will not charge into the offensive backfield to cover the screen back and the Defensive Tackle does not sniff out the play so frequently.
  • Fixed QB Stuck in Idle animation  – Addressed an issue where the QB would get stuck when snapping the ball during certain animations.
  • Fixed Camera Changing (PC Only) – Addressed an issue where bringing up Coach Cam during pre-play would change the camera if a user first controlled the game with Keyboard and Mouse.
  • AI Team Field Goal Attempt Logic – The AI team was attempting too many long field goals so we reduced the frequency so it would only happen in more appropriate last resort situations.
  • AI Clock Management & Field Goal decisions – Offensive Teams will be more decisive with their timeout usage in both halves.

It’s a good start!

Thank you for reading!