Madden 24 Closed Beta Returns Until July 17th – How To Sign Up

Madden 24 Beta

The Madden 24 Closed Beta has returned and will remain active until July 17th. The release comes with a patch that addresses an issue concerning lag input when playing online. Unfortunately, the only modes available for this beta test are Play Now, Play A Friend, and Mini-Games. Franchise is no longer an option.

Madden 24 is newest installment of EA Sports’ NFL simulation franchise. The game’s cover features Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen, the first Bills player to grace the cover.

The game utilizes SAPIEN Technology to create accurate endoskeletons of NFL players to allow for more tackling animations and realistic player models. FieldSENSE also returns to try and bring a more realistic experience to the game.

To enrich the experience, Mini-Games are returning, as well as improvements to Franchise mode.

How To Sign Up For The Madden 24 Beta

If you previously had access to the beta, then there’s nothing you need to do. Just simply start the app and you can play. Additionally, players can leave their feedback on the official Madden 24 Closed Beta Forums.

For those of you who didn’t take part in the beta’s first run, here’s how to sign up:

  1. Go to EA’s website
  2. Login/Create An Account
  3. Visit Account Settings
  4. Go To E-mail preferences
  5. Under “Manage Your E-mail Preferences” Tick the box that says “Yes, e-mail me about EA’s products, news, events, promotions, consistent with with the EA Privacy and Cookie Policy”

This doesn’t confirm you’ll receive the Madden 24 beta code, but you’ll have a chance. Just keep checking your mailbox and spam folders daily to see if they send you a code.

Once the code is received redeem it on the platform and start playing!


Thank you for reading!