Madden Ultimate Team 22 Sugar Rush Part II Details

Sugar Rush Part II is live. It includes another 30+ new player items, including a few NCAT reward players for completing new solo challenges and winning games in the new House Rules event, Eggs-cellent Plays. Lawrence Taylor and Bruce Matthews LTD cards have also been included in packs for a limited time.

If you’re still hunting for eggs you will have to get them before they hatch this Sunday. A new Eggstravagant Egg offer is available with Part II in the Store for 27,000 Candy (Limit of 1). Here is a list of some of the other new adds.

Earn Champions by completing their set.

Earn Heroes by completing their set.



Sugar Rush

Complete new Sugar Rush solo challenges to earn 95 OVR NCAT Sugar Rush Ray Lewis at 160 Stars. Challenges and rewards are cumulative between Parts 1 and 2.

  • Choco Castle – 30 Challenges, 12,000 Coins, 120 Stars possible

Milestone Rewards

20 Stars: 500 Candy
40 Stars: 500 Candy
60 Stars: 500 Candy
80 Stars: 95 OVR NCAT Sugar Rush Marshawn Lynch
100 Stars: 500 Candy
120 Stars: 88+ OVR Sugar Rush Player
140 Stars: 500 Candy
160 Stars: 95 OVR NCAT Sugar Rush Ray Lewis
180 Stars: 1,000 Candy
200 Stars: 1,000 Candy
220 Stars: 88+ OVR Sugar Rush Player
240 Stars: 1,000 Candy

House Rules: Eggs-cellent Plays

A new House Rules event will be available with Part II and it’s called “Eggs-cellent Plays”. Reach 30 wins in this event to earn 95 OVR NCAT Sugar Rush Ryan Fitzpatrick. This event ends on 4/22 at 10 AM ET.


  • 1st and 25
  • TDs are worth 10 Points
  • INTs are worth 5 Points
  • Score 15 Points to Win

Milestone Rewards

10 Wins: 1,000 Candy
20 Wins: 1,500 Candy
30 Wins: 95 OVR NCAT Sugar Rush Ryan Fitzpatrick
40 Wins: 500 Candy
50 Wins: 500 Candy
60 Wins: 88+ OVR Sugar Rush Player
70 Wins: 500 Candy
80 Wins: 1,000 Candy

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